(MONUMENT, Colo.) — Students are helping students at Lewis-Palmer High School (LPHS) as student tutors build friendships that facilitate extra learning.

FOX21’s Chief Meteorologist Matt Meister joined three LPHS student tutors to feature the Ranger tutoring program for the last day of the ‘We Are Tri-Lakes’ campaign.

“I really wanted to make a difference at my school,” said Madison, who has been a tutor for about a year.

Student tutors undergo training and focus on creating connections rather than strictly on academics, according to Taylor, a senior LPHS tutor.

“We get to learn about how to treat students in certain situations because we work with a wide variety of different types of clients,” said Madison.

Alex calls himself a “jack of all trades tutor.”

“It’s really about the connection and the trust being built between the students and having them kind of learn to be capable for themselves in school,” said Alex.