(MONUMENT, Colo.) — Lewis-Palmer High School (LPHS) in Monument provides a construction program for students to learn skills like woodworking, welding, and construction.

Instructor Andy Vrieze said the construction pathway begins in its first year with geometry and construction, where students learn to integrate math and geometry into the construction of a building.

“The second-year program, we try and teach as many of the sub-trades as possible, just to put as many things in front of the kids to get them excited about being in the trades,” said Vrieze. He added that shortages of people in trade industries inspired LPHS to start this program four years ago to inspire kids to consider a career in construction.

LPHS junior Sydney Tahmindjis said she has taken multiple classes in the construction pathway, and she likes that it’s not a typical high school class. “You don’t just sit at a desk… you’re learning stuff that has something to do with the real world, so you can use it outside of school.”

Students build greenhouses in the program which can be customized by real-world clients through Facebook marketplace and other sale platforms, that are then delivered to the clients. LPHS also offers a summer internship program for students to earn class credits and a little extra money.

“It teaches you a lot of good skills for construction… communication with customers, stuff like that,” said Landon, a student who attended one of the summer internship programs.

Customers who are interested in a greenhouse and supporting the program are added to a list that the program works through every semester. If you’re interested in a greenhouse, contact LPHS.