(SPONSORED) — During the month of September 2023, the nonprofit, Bailey Military Family Support Group, was nominated for the 3-Degree Guarantee, made possible through the partnership between FOX21 News and WireNut Home Services.

The total raised by the 3-Degree Guarantee in September was $1,740, all of which will be donated toward the Bailey Military Family Support Group and its mission.

If you know of a deserving nonprofit, click here to nominate them for future months.

Bailey Military Family Support Group began in February of 2022 to honor the legacy of CSM Scott Bailey. The nonprofit is passionate about helping current and former service members and their families. Its vision is to reduce military-affiliated suicide by focusing on the entire family and is host to an annual suicide prevention event, which was hosted in September.

Bailey Military Family Support Group focuses on building strong families by providing an annual marriage event called ‘Talking Taboo,’ where a faith-based approach is used to discuss taboo subjects that impact marriages such as affairs and substance abuse.

Another big focus the nonprofit has is on the mental wellness of children. In addition to taking the kids on outings like Chuck E. Cheese when school isn’t in session, Bailey Military Family Support Group also hosts monthly support meetings at Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center.

“We strive to provide a safe and loving atmosphere where everybody feels like family,” wrote the nonprofit.

Bailey Military Family Support Group said the money raised by the 3-Degree Guarantee, will go toward its monthly support meetings to help cover the costs of dinner and activities for the families it supports.

“It is such a huge blessing and we are extremely grateful!” thanked the nonprofit.

To learn more about the Bailey Military Family Support Group or how to help out, you can click the link above.