(SPONSORED) — During the month of August 2023, the nonprofit, 4 Colorado Kids, was nominated for the 3-Degree Guarantee, made possible through the partnership between FOX21 News and WireNut Home Services.

The total raised by the 3-Degree Guarantee in August was $1,800, all of which will be donated toward 4 Colorado Kids and its mission. If you know of a deserving nonprofit, click here to nominate them for future months.

4 Colorado Kids began in 2017 and was started by a local group of business owners, teachers, therapists, parents, and advocates, to help close the gap for local families and kids living in poverty. “Our mission is to make lives better for Colorado kids, so they can thrive and feel empowered to achieve life and academic success.”

​4 Colorado Kids works one-on-one with families, community partners, healthcare providers, nonprofits, schools, and other entities, to address the needs of children. The money raised through the 3-Degree Guarantee will go directly back into the local community.

“WellCare Pediatric Therapy Specialists serves as the corporate sponsor for 4COKids, therefore, 4COKids has NO overhead. There are no salaries or expenses to be paid from donations that come in. What that means is that every dollar that is donated to 4ColoradoKids goes toward families, teachers, and children in need, not toward administrative fees or salaries,” according to the nonprofit.

To learn more about 4 Colorado Kids or how to help out, you can click the link above or call the nonprofit at (719) 598-5555.