TRINIDAD, Colo. — FOX21 met with the Mayor of Trinidad, Phil Rico to talk about Trinidad, its history, and what makes Trinidad welcoming.

Trinidad was a hub of activity, back in the late 1800s, and early 1900s until the 1980s. The mines started to close down in the 1980s, today the city is trying to become a destination like it was back when it was a stop on Sante Fe Trail. Mayor Rico remembers coming to Trinidad as a child, how the economy was booming, there were three shoe stores and many small stores offering clothes. He would like Trinidad to get back to that customized service.

“To walk into someplace, they greet you ‘Sarah good morning, Craig good morning. What can I help you with? You want a new suit, let’s throw a new suit on you,'” said Mayor Rico.

Mayor Rico says Trinidad still has its amalgamation of all types of people. Those who came to work in the mine, and their families stayed and Trinidad is getting new people into the community. He wants to welcome the newcomers into the community and hopes they join the Trinidad culture.

Mayor Rico talks about how if you look into the history of Trinidad, you will find something new each time, he is still finding out things about Trinidad’s history. He says the setting is what makes Trinidad the place to visit.

“If you look at the setting, Trinidad is a beautiful setting. The people here are welcoming, we are very open, Trinidad has always welcomed people,” said Mayor Rico “…What we are trying to do is build, trying to diversify our economy and how we diversify our economy is to welcome people into our community.”