TRINIDAD, Colo. — FOX21 met with Cy Michaels Vice-Chair of the Trinidad Tourism Board, and asked her about Sister Blandina, and things to do in Trinidad.

Cy Michaels, Craig Coffey, Sarah Ferguson

Michaels gave the history of Sister Blandina, she came to Trinidad when she was 22 years old, one of over 400 Sisters of Charity. The Sisters of Charity built the hospital and the school system. In 2014 the Vatican began the process of investigating making Sister Blandina a saint.

The Sister Blandina Wellness Gardens were opened last year, with music and events, where the Sister Blandina statue was unveiled to the public.

Michaels says there are so many spots in Trinidad, that cater to a variety of different interests. First is architecture, Trinidad has a lot of historic buildings, you can walk down Commercial Street and Main Street and see many of the buildings that have been brought back to life. Outdoor trails, Fishers Peak State Park, Trinidad State Lake, lots of gravel grinding, and bike riding.

Michaels says that Trinidad not only has craft breweries but also craft dining and craft stores. “The full Americana feeling.”

Michaels sees so much happening in Trinidad, Fishers Peak is the second largest state park. The mayor and city council has been driving traffic for their downtown. The mine is reopening bringing jobs, and a live theater, and the A.R. Mitchell Museum provides much happening in Trinidad.