TRINIDAD, Colo. — Simple Teas Co. brings tea and coffee along with the Gongfu tea ceremony to residents of Trinidad.

Simple Teas Co. carries over 104 teas from all over the world. They also carry coffee from places like Costa Rica and Puerto Rico.

“We try to pride ourselves on really good espressos, really good lattes, making sure you can really taste the coffee,” said Fallon Saulters owner of Simple Teas Co.

The highlight is the Gongfu tea. People can come in and enjoy a cup of tea prepared as a tea ceremony. One feature of the ceremony is a small figure that participants pour water on before and after having tea to bring luck and prosperity.

Saulters didn’t think she would open another tea shop. However, after arriving in Trinidad she felt that residents of Trinidad needed Gongfu tea and she wanted to bring her coffee selection closer to home. Saulters says she was welcomed with open arms.

“Everybody’s just so nice…The stories I hear about the history of this town, the ghost of the town. It is phenomenal.”

You can find out more on their Facebook page. Their Trinidad location is 201 E. Main Street, right by the post office. Simple Teas Co. also has a location in Colorado Springs.