TRINIDAD, Colo. — Mt. Carmel Wellness & Community Center Director of Operations Ashley Dipaloa tells us the history of the center and the help it provides to the community.

Mt. Carmel was built in 1907 as a Catholic church, which closed in 1998. In 2007 Jay and Emily Cimino bought the property and restored it. Then in 2011, the Mt. Carmel Wellness & Community Center opened, to bring health, wellness programming, and community events.

Dipaloa says that Mt. Carmel provides healthcare and dental care that is on a sliding payment scale provided by Salud Family Health Centers. Mt. Carmel provides 28 wellness programs that are low-cost or free for the community to utilize. Mt. Carmel also has a food box program to help those who needed food assistance.

During the pandemic, Mt. Carmel adapted by moving many of its programs online, Dipaloa says the food box program provided over 60,000 meals to date.

Mt. Carmel holds community events such as their July fest and Octoberfest. They also allow the community to hold events in their space.

Go online to find out more about Mt. Carmel Wellness & Community Center and you can find them on Facebook.