TRINIDAD, Colo. — Before Frank Azar was the “Strong Arm,” he was getting a strong foundation growing up in Trinidad.

“I always say I’m from Trinidad, Colorado, and they actually think I’m from Trinidad. And they look at me like I’m from the island of Trinidad. But I always tell people I’m from Trinidad, Colorado, because that’s where I feel I’m really from. That’s where my heart is.”

Azar grew up idolizing his father, who served as the District Attorney in Trinidad.

“My dad was an attorney in Trinidad, so I’m a second generation lawyer in the family,” Azar said. “And my daughter also, of course, was third generation.”

“I started out in civil practice, and then I went into the district attorney’s office in Trinidad. So I was Assistant District Attorney in Trinidad for a short period of time. And then I left and went into civil practice in Denver. But I basically just started out as an attorney in Trinidad.”

When Azar’s father was practicing law, all you needed for advertisement was a name plate on your door.  Things have changed a bit since then. 

“I grew up with that, being very competitive in sports and I think that helped me later on in life, be competitive as a lawyer,” said Azar. 

Many Coloradans recognize him from his TV commercials, which is how Azar said he made a name for himself as the “Strong Arm.” Azar added that his compassion for people began in the small Southern Colorado community.

“You know, people needed to be treated decently. People in Trinidad stand up for the underdog.”

Azar said this is why he’s always liked defending and fighting for the underdog.

“They like the people that fight for their rights. There used to be quite a bit of mining down there, not so much anymore. And that’s something that was ingrained in me from when I was a small child. As you got to stand up for your rights and I’ve stood up for the rights of the little guy my whole life, against big corporations and insurance companies.”

Azar’s firm has become known across the state and evolved into a highly successful injury practice.

“I’ve become very successful, but I’ve tried to pay it back to the community. And I think it’s important to look at Trinidad as it was, and as it is today.”

While Azar’s main offices are in Aurora, he is still active in fundraising in Trinidad with charities like The Boys and Girls club and annual scholarships.

“Trinidad, for me, is a place that I know in my heart. If I hadn’t grown up there, I wouldn’t be as successful as I am in life.”