TRINIDAD, Colo. — Coffee Talk is a networking event presented by Trinidad and Las Animas County Chamber of Commerce for many different businesses.

“There are so many people moving to our community, and so many new businesses coming here we love the opportunity to make sure everybody meets each other, learn more about their business so we can grow the whole community,” says Amanda Korth, President of the Chamber of Commerce

Korth talks about the growth the city is experiencing. There are about 350 businesses in Trinidad city alone, not counting the county and there is more every day.

“I love the outdoor recreation here, I love that you can be an entrepreneur, this is an excellent place for entrepreneurship,” said Korth

Las Animas County Commissioner Felix Lopez “Trinidad of course, is one of those cities you fall in love with. I came to Trinidad early in the 1980s, and obviously, I came to Trinidad state to go to school here. Went to college, came, and fell in love with the community, have been here ever since.”

Lopez talks about the diversity and history of Trinidad, many of the families from the mining community in the 1800s stayed and decided to make a living in Las Animas County. He talks about the impact of an event like Coffee Talk is for businesses.

“This is incredibly advantageous because it connects all of us, the networking we need to find out what’s going on, what opportunities we have in front of each other,” says Commissioner Lopez. “Then of course how do we get the other industries to look at us and come to Trinidad and perhaps invest a few dollars and help us grow this community.”