SALIDA, Colo. — Salida’s only skate shop emerged during COVID and keeps things unique by labeling itself as a low-cost safe space for kids.

“Basically, this whole project, including the business side, kind of came out of COVID, which is an interesting story,” Ramps and Alleys Founder Stacy Falk said.

Ramps and Alleys Skate Shop doubles as a shop and an indoor/outdoor skate park.

This interesting story began when the business Falk was working at closed down during COVID, pushing Falk to get a job at a grocery in the meantime.

“And it was just kind of boring, honestly. I just didn’t feel the passion there,” she explained.

The skate shop has anything anyone could need whether they’re starting out in skates or a pro on the board.

At the same time, Falk was working at the grocery store, she was also running a skate program to keep kids busy during COVID.

“So, between that and me, kind of, not wanting to be at the other job, some of the other kids were like ‘let’s start a skate shop’ and I was like ‘you know what, let’s do it,’ so, we did,” Falk said.

Since then, the shop has been a hit in the community where kids can enjoy a place to skate, without breaking the bank.

“We really want to keep the space free for kids. We don’t want to feel like they can’t come here because they have to pay,” Falk said.

Not only is the skate park free, but Falk said they’re willing to work with kids who are not able to afford skate gear.

“This board if you were to buy this about $250 with all of the expensive parts and pieces,” Falk said, holding up a custom-made board. “So, we have someone that comes in once a month and builds a board and then we find a kid that couldn’t normally afford it or is just proven to really want to be invested in skateboarding. We kind of, out of the blue, gift it to them and they freak out.”

A business born out of a passion for the sport and helping others, Falk said she looks forward to keeping it local and low-cost.