SALIDA, Colo. — A family-owned gallery and studio in Salida has gained popularity thanks to its handmade pottery.

In 2008, husband and wife duo Mark Potter and Suzanne Rittmann found a spot in Salida that was perfect for pottery and opened their store, The Maverick Potter.

“I’ve been making pottery since the early 90’s and I supported my pottery with a career in the beer business, actually sold beer for 15 years and made pottery on the side,” Mark explained. “Ultimately I was realizing, you know what, I just want to follow my dream of doing pottery and so I quit my job, moved to Salida and opened my shop.”

Today, Mark and Suzanne not only get to live their dream, they are also introducing other people to the world of pottery.

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“I love having my business here in Salida because it is an artist-driven community,” Mark said. “I like the aspect of representing so many different artists because many hands, everybody when you get it in their hands, they are going to do something different with it.”

Experienced and novice artists alike are welcome inside Maverick Pottery. The only rule?

“Patience,” Mark said. “That is the biggest one, you just got to keep at it. Keep trying, and keep trying and you will get there.”

The Maverick Potter is located at 119 F Street. You can call them at (719) 539-5112, or go to