SALIDA, Colo. — The mountain town of Salida is an outdoor playground for hikers and bikers. The nearby trails give people an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

“We’re year-round in here fixing bikes, selling bikes. It’s all bikes all the time,” Absolute Bikes sales and marketing manager Jessica Downing said.

Mountain biking has quickly become an attraction for both tourists and locals to explore the great outdoors around the small town.

“Our job is for people that come into town, to save their vacation if something goes wrong, but also keep all the locals going as well,” Downing said. “Basically, if you have never biked in your life and you walked in, we could 100% outfit you for everything you could possibly need to go on a really fun bike ride or go on a vacation.”

Absolute Bikes is the destination to find your next ride and the shop is located at 330 W. Sackett Ave. right next to the Arkansas River in Salida. They’ve been open since 1999.

“We really try to have a full spectrum for everybody, have a bike for everyone,” Downing said. “Lots of fun just town bikes, cruiser bikes, single-speed, just to cruise around town, beach cruiser style. Pretty much except for your triathlon road bike, we’ve got it for you.”

Besides helping customers find their perfect bikes, Absolute Bikes helps people with where to go as well.

“We love being involved with other things, especially like the trails. Which is kind of a no-brainer when you’re a bike shop,” Downing said.

“They just really add a quality of life in being able to get out on the trails and take a break during the day,” executive director of Salida Mountain Trials Jon Terbush said.

The trails are not just for bikers either. There are more than 23 miles of paths created in the Banana Belt.

“We do like to have something for everyone and I think we do achieve that there are super technical trails but there are some easier trails over here,” Terbush pointed out.

Salida Mountain Trails is a volunteer organization that continues to add routes so that explorers can change up their adventure every trip. Their website also provides maps to each trail system, answers to frequently asked questions, how to report a trail issue and how to get involved.

“As more and more people want to get out not only to the backcountry to get out on trails and experience the outdoors, it’s really great, we need to make sure that we can provide for those folks so maintaining what we do have and continue to build and adapt our network to accommodate these people who are coming here,” Terbush said.

The non-profit keeps the trails tidy so people can appreciate what is around them more. Check out the Maps for what they’ve accomplished, and the Trail Projects for what they plan on doing.

“People in this town, really believe in and value the trails and are willing to support us and support the network,” Terbush said.

They welcome any volunteers, so if you are interested contact them by email at You can also follow them on Facebook here.

Salida Mountain Trails follows the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) trail design and maintenance standards.