CAÑON CITY, Colo. — A local Cañon City favorite that is rich in history and flavor, The Owl Cigar Store, is located in the historic downtown district at 626 Main Street. 

Members of the Santilli family who fought in World War II saved up enough money — $1,300 to be exact — to invest in a venture together when they returned home. They bought the Owl in 1943, and the same family still owns this local gem today.

The Owl, which originally opened in 1903, is known for its old-fashioned hamburgers and friendly staff, but you’d probably guess from the name it hasn’t always been a restaurant. In its lifetime, The Owl has been a pool hall, gambling hall, a cigar store, and later in the 1970s, a family restaurant.

And if the food tastes like a delicious bite of history, it’s probably because the well-seasoned grill they cook their burgers on has been standing in The Owl’s kitchen… since 1948!

“We got it at army surplus, it used to be out in the field, and they’d cook for the soldiers in World War II,” said Pete Santilli, one of the owners.

The Owl has something to offer anyone, whether they’re a loyal customer or simply a visitor hoping to grab a bite of Cañon City history. “It’s kind of like a family place,” said Susie Santilli. “The whole town feels a connection. It’s like going home.”