CAÑON CITY, Colo. — Out of all the things to do for fun in Cañon City, FOX21 Chief Meteorologist Matt Meister and Photographer Shawn Shanle picked, arguably, the most exhilarating option.

“I’ve been skydiving since 1996. About 13,500 skydives,” said Jason Dawson, Owner and President of Colorado Mountain Skydive. “It’s pretty much a life-changing event for most people.”

Dawson said everyone who signs up is required to watch a training video and sign a waiver, the process of which takes about an hour.

“And then you’re up at 18,000 feet in 10 minutes,” Dawson said.

Unless you’re specifically trained to do without one, each jumper is assigned a tandem instructor who guides them through the entire process.

“I thought that was awesome,” Meister said after a successful jump last week. “Coolest thing I’ve ever done!”

Watch the whole experience in the video player above.