CAÑON CITY, Colo. — It’s a city with plenty to brag about, from its sweeping views to thrilling activities, but Cañon City has one more accolade to boast – it’s the climate capital of Colorado.

Cañon City has some of the mildest weather in Colorado, but why is that? Geographically speaking, it sits at an elevation of 5,300 feet – lower than Colorado Springs and a little higher than Pueblo. It is also situated in a valley, protected on three sides by mountains, which protects it from some of the harsher weather the rest of Colorado experiences.

“It’s a place where, even on Christmas, you can be in your short-sleeved shirts, mountain biking, and it’s just gorgeous weather,” said Cañon City Mayor, Ashley Smith.

The climate is one reason Cañon City has become more desirable to live and work in. The area has historically been a wonderful plot for farming, which inspired such popular events as the Blossom Festival, which has celebrated the bountiful harvest Cañon City has offered for over a century.

As for the temperatures, in the winter Cañon City sees an average a high of 50 degrees and an average low of 19 degrees. In the summer- the average high is nearly 87 degrees and the low on average 56 degrees. Compared to Colorado Springs and Pueblo, temperatures tend to stay warmer in the winter in Cañon City.

But it’s the sunshine that makes Cañon City a great place to visit any season and live in year-round.

“We say come on down to Canon City,” said Mayor Smith. “It’s sunny, bright and warm. We are ready to go.”