Remarkably leaving her mark: Meet Natally Griffin


COLORADO SPRINGS — FOX21 is celebrating remarkable women in southern Colorado by spending the next few weeks sharing the stories of four women who were nominated by their friends or loved ones.

Remarkable: adjective — meaning worthy of attention.

“I got the phone call here at work, I thought it was a scam. I’m like ‘sir, excuse me is this a scam?’,” said Natally Griffin.

“Do you know who nominated you?” said FOX21’s Taylor Bishop.
“No mam,” said Griffin.
“Do you want to know?” said Bishop.
“Yes,” said Griffin.
“It was your husband,” said Bishop.
“Awww. Wow,” said Griffin.

“It came at a perfect time because next month will be 30 years since my parents have been gone,” said Griffin.

Her story is one you likely won’t forget.

“I lost my parents when I was 16 to murder-suicide,” said Griffin.

Two days after her parents’ funeral, she had her first child and ended up on the streets. But Griffin says with the help of community resources, she was able to get back on her feet.

“I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for others helping me and I believe in giving back,” said Griffin.

Little did she know, what this tough life was preparing her for.

“Kinda being out there all alone, hitting all the rocks, learning everything the hard way, the hard knocks way, it kind of prepares you for anything in life,” said Griffin. “I decided that since my father was a veteran and no one helped him, that if I ever ran across a veteran that needed help, I would give my assistance.”

In 2008, she met that veteran.

“I helped him with getting on perfect medication, getting weekly visits to the VA,” said Griffin.

And later that year she not only helped him, she married him.

“He’s a totally different person,” said Griffin.

But Griffin’s helping hand reaches far beyond her personal life.

“Here at Broadmoor Elementary I’m a health aide. I have 355 more grandkids,” said Griffin.

That’s just job number one.

“At Fountain-Fort Carson, I am a custodian at night,” said Griffin.

Somehow she still finds the time to serve others with the same organizations that helped her out of homelessness.

“If it wasn’t for the community around me, I wouldn’t be where I’m at or who I am today,” said Griffin.

Every day she is remarkably leaving her mark.

“I always live like if this is my last day on earth, I want to make as many people smile as I can or help as many as I can,” said Griffin.

The top winner for FOX21’s Remarkable Women Contest will be announced on March 6.

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