One furry friend steals the show at COS Pet Expo


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The annual Pet Expo returns to the Colorado Springs Event Center this weekend with over 150 booths and activities for animal lovers of all kinds. Hundreds of people took advantage of pet adoptions, prizes, even discounted vaccines available at the Pet Expo.

Jenna Hubbs with Safe Place for Pets said, “This is a great way to kind of spread the word about what we do and who we are.”

And who are they you ask?

“Safe Place for Pets adopts out the animals of the terminally ill in El Paso and Teller County.” Hubbs added,  “We also have a program where we try to keep pets at home with their owners as long as possible by going in and walking their dogs, taking the animals to the vet appointments, things like that.”

Safe Place for Pets is just one of the booths we stopped by but the real star of the show was Eric Melvin and his Cattle dog, Angelyne.

Melvin said, “We’ve been on the road for 8 years. We just did our 427th presentation just here a little while ago.”

Melvin and Angelyne are redefining human and animal communication.

“Turns out she was born bilaterally deaf or profoundly deaf is the proper term which means no hearing in either ear,” said Melvin.

But, that hasn’t stopped them.

“I’ve been all over the country.” Melvin added, “I visit deaf schools. I see children that are blind, deaf, autistic, Down’s Syndrome. I speak to people about overcoming challenges.”

And Melvin says we have a lot to learn from our pets, “Animals and people were meant to be together. In a traditional sense dogs might have been pack animals but in today’s world humans need animals as much as animals need humans, I think.”

FOX21 asked Melvin what exactly Angelyne means to him and he said, “Everything, absolutely everything.”

If you’d like to learn more about Eric and Angelyne, head to or give him a call at 970-222-4924. Also, for more information on Safe Place for Pets, visit or reach them at 719-359-0201.

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