(SPONSORED) — With the new year comes some new stresses. Following the holiday season, many people can feel like the cheer is no longer in the air, or there could be worries about returning back to work or keeping up with their New Year’s resolutions.

A mental health expert FOX21 News spoke with says it is all about getting back into a routine.

Stan Popovich, author of “A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear” tells FOX21, while returning to work and in your personal life, take it one day at a time, don’t rush things, and keep a schedule.

He says these tips can also be applied to keeping up with your New Year’s resolution, but the key is to be flexible.

Popovich said, “Just because you made a New Year’s resolution doesn’t mean you have to abide by everything you do. Things do change and circumstances change. You don’t want to structure yourself to the point where you can’t function because didn’t fulfill a new years resolution.”Popovich adds that if you feel anxious, take a break, and reach out to a mental health professional or counselor if you need help.