(COLORADO) — Going back to school can bring out big worries in children. To prevent high anxiety, talking to your kids about their concerns can help.

The Child Mind Insitute said, as a parent, it’s tempting to focus on the positive. Instead, they say to acknowledge your child’s struggles and be direct and strategic. They added, giving children the opportunity to talk about what’s worrying them can help parents understand their struggles and help them advocate for their needs.

School is already underway in some areas, while other districts are gearing up to start in the coming days. That also means an extra focus on safety, with districts across the country pulling out all the stops to protect students, faculty, and staff.

At the top of the agenda would be preventing violent attacks. There were 51 school shootings last year, the most in a single year. This fall, more than 52,000 armed guards will be deployed in schools. They will also be backed by some 15,000 law enforcement officers, which is a significant increase from last year.

In Colorado, there is a great tool in Safe2Tell, which is an anonymous tip line that parents and students can use to report threats. To allow an easier tip submission process, this month, the program launched a new text shortcode feature. Anyone can now text ‘S-2-T-CO’ to 728477 to receive an automated link to the tip submission page.