COLORADO SPRINGS — Throughout the pandemic, telehealth was one of the only means for patients to see their healthcare provider. Now in 2022, consumers like the convenience of meeting virtually, and more Colorado Springs mental health clinics are opening up.

To meet the needs of more Coloradans seeking behavioral healthcare, telehealth is available anywhere with an internet connection.

“I tell this to all of my clients right off the bat,” Paul Northart with Northart Counseling explained. “Let’s have a conversation, if I’m not the most qualified person to help you, I want to make sure that I get you the person who is.”

Paul Northart and Dr. Erika Karpman with Evolve Sexuality are two new clinicians in Colorado Springs that provide telehealth on a wide range of topics.

“I focus on three big things: depression, anxiety, pre-marital services, and one of my biggest clinical focuses is obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD),” said Northart.

Seeking help isn’t always easy, but accessing care in the comfort of your home has increased telehealth visits will after the pandemic.

According to state data in 2019, there were more than 8.9 million behavioral health claims. Then in 2021, the number of people seeking services increased by 600,000. Data shows the increase is due to several factors– more access to providers, and better insurance coverage.

“Telehealth has done a lot to break down the stigma of mental health, and it’s one of the fastest growing industries,” Northart said.

Dr. Karpman took advantage of the expansion and is licensed in two states.

“I work on issues with sexual trauma, any sexual dysfunction, and relationship boundaries,” Karpman said.

Her sessions are all about starting a conversation, and she said teens have enjoyed telehealth the most.

“They can sit in the comfort of their home and we can integrate the environment they’re in, into the therapy we are doing,” Karpman said.