COLORADO SPRINGS — Ahead of Hispanic Heritage Month, which starts on September 15, FOX21 sat down with Colorado Springs Police Department Chief Adrian Vasquez to share his story.

“I’ve been 27 years here and pretty much done most everything you can do here with CSPD,” Vasquez said.

This included rising through the ranks to become chief of CSPD.

“It’s a responsibility that I’m humbled by. I’m very honored by it. But it’s also something that I take very seriously.”

Vasquez came from a law enforcement background. His dad was a Colorado State Trooper.

“I grew up watching him get his uniform on and get ready and go out and work. And then he’d have these exciting stories when he would come back home.”

His experience in the US Air Force sealed the deal.

“I spent nine-and-a-half years in the military and sort of being a part of that military law enforcement profession.”

Then, in 1995, he started working for CSPD, learning the job inside and out, and how his heritage could benefit the community.

“Being a Hispanic officer has really lent itself to openness with that community, comfortableness with the Hispanic community, or really even minority communities as a whole.”

While he said he’s still true to his uniform and everything it represents, he said he’s honored to also represent his roots.

“Being able to to represent that heritage as a police chief is pretty… you know, it’s a pretty proud day for me.”