COLORADO SPRINGS — Inside the UFO-looking building on North Academy Boulevard is a newly opened thrift store called Culture Cave Vintage Goods. 

“We call it the UFO building or the spaceship building. It’s basically a late seventies dome-style building,” said Brandon Miera, Co-Founder of Culture Cave Vintage Goods. 

Brandon and Rodan Miera share a passion for thrifting and have been collecting pop culture memorabilia over the years. 

“I just grew up loving all the cool old stuff my dad would always tell me everything he knew about it,” said Rodan Miera, Co-Founder of Culture Cave Vintage Goods. “I just thought it was super interesting.”

The two search for vintage items at thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales, and flea markets.

Toys for sale in Culture Cave Vintage Goods

“Me and my son have been doing this type of thing for a long time since he was a kid,” said Brandon. “We used to go to garage sales and flea markets, and we always thought it would be really cool to have our own shop. Eventually, we got the opportunity to do so and we jumped on it.”

They learned of the building going up for sale on one of their thrifting adventures.

“We came here and we’re looking around and we found a couple of things,” said Rodan. “The OG owner talking about how they want to move and all that and that’s funny because we were talking about how much we would like this building to be ours.”

The owners are staying true to their Hispanic culture.

“I try to incorporate the Latino feel and the culture into a lot of stuff that I do,” said Brandon.

A collection of jerseys for sale at Culture Cave Vintage Goods

They design clothes, stickers, and skateboards which are all sold throughout the store. 

“I don’t think it’s represented enough in our community,” said Brandon. “I mean, there’s very little, I would say Hispanic art in the local community, and I’d like to bring that a little more to the forefront.”

Brandon said they are excited to welcome their local community to their store.

“We’ve been doing this in the thrifty community for quite some time now,” said Brandon. “I just think it’s a great thing that we can do that in our hometown.”

Items for sale throughout the store range from previous decades.

A Mickey Mouse watch on one of the walls in Culture Cave Vintage Goods

“We sell anything from vintage rock wrap tees from the eighties and actually from early in the seventies to the early 2000s,” said Brandon. “We specialize in everything. If we don’t have it, we know where can get it.”

Culture Cave Vintage Goods accepts donations and purchases old furniture, art, records, toys, and clothes. For information on the store head to their website