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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The Colorado Springs Chorale has served the region since 1956.

Peter Tuff has been a member for years and appreciates the variety of its music.

“So we do Star Wars to Bach and Mozart to Beethoven,” Tuff said. “We also incorporate newer, contemporary music from the early part of the 20th century and to today.”

The music features 120 voices coming together to make one harmonious song. Becoming one of the members isn’t easy.  Each vocalist has to pass an intense audition.

Shae Pluemer is an alto who has been singing her entire life. She joined the group about three years ago.

“The audition with the chorale is legit,”  she admitted.  “It’s actually the hardest I’ve ever done.”

Jim Melzer moved to Colorado Springs just over a year ago from Minneapolis where chorale music is among the nation’s best.

“For anyone that’s had a good church or high school choir should be able to handle the music and find it enjoyable,”  Melzer said.

Calling the shots is the talented conductor Deborah Jenkins Teske. who succeeded her father, Donald P. Jenkins. The elder was at the helm of the chorale for 47 years.

“We feel very blessed to have her to carry on this wonderful tradition,” Tuff said.

Those who do make the cut are rewarded with the chance to perform at some incredible venues with some quality company.

“My favorite part to do with chorale is to perform with the philharmonic orchestra, “ Pluemer admitted.  “It’s really rare because usually groups who do this as a profession usually get this honor.”

Another highlight is “Deck the Hall,” their seasonal performances next month at the Pikes Peak Center.

“In addition to our 120-member chorale, we have invited as our special guest Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale,” Tuff said. “They’ll have two of their ensembles. So, it’s going to be a great blend of adult and children and youth voices.”

The chorale also has an educational outreach program for high school students.

While they make some money from ticket sales, they rely more on donations.>> Learn more and Give! at

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