Give! 2019: Friends of Equestrian Skills Course helps keep trails safe


COLORADO SPRINGS – The Equestrian Skills Course at Bear Creek Regional Park is raising money this year in the Indy GIVE! Campaign.

They are hoping to raise funds to help build a new course to add and maintain their other two courses.

“It’s dedicated to creating a space where people can come and learn how to walk their horses on the trail,” Kathleen Burke, a volunteer board member of Friends of Equestrian Skills Course said.

The non-profit makes busy trails safer by educating trail users on proper trail etiquette. It also helps horses learn to be calm in situations they may face on the trail like bikers, dogs and joggers.

“Its almost like a playground. Everything is supposed to mimic something they would see on the trails like a pond. We also have steps and flats areas where the horses are working,” Burke said.

The trails and courses are open to anyone and everyone while the park is open. It is also free for anyone to use and that is why they rely on the public’s help to keep their courses open.

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