(COLORADO) — Valentine’s Day is over, but what follows is the ‘sweetest’ time to buy chocolates for your loved ones (or yourself). Many stores will place any leftover candy and chocolate related to the holiday on sale for some steep discounts. Here are FOX21’s Top Five best chocolates to look for after the holidays.

Lindt truffles

Lindt truffles are a seasonal staple for every holiday, whether strawberries and cream for Valentine’s Day or Snowmen, (Yes literally), for the Christmas season, there is always a deliciously creamy chocolate for any occasion.

The truffles freeze easily, so get a big bag of your favorite flavors and save them for work lunches or a little treat for dinner, a good-sized bag can last weeks, if not months.

Ferrero Rocher

The chocolate and nut mixture makes a fabulous gift to give to someone or yourself for the holidays. The treat can be eaten warm or frozen, so if you can resist eating the entire container they can be saved and enjoyed over time. Each piece is individually wrapped, so they are easy to share among friends.


The creamy chocolate squares with various fillings come in a variety of fun shapes around the holidays but keep the same taste and flavors. Ghirardelli has many different combinations of chocolate and filling combinations, so there should be something for everyone to enjoy.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

The yummy peanut butter and chocolate confections are seen just about every holiday, and sometimes with a special design. Around the winter holidays, they have a tree-shaped treat, hearts for Valentine’s Day, and more. Often times you can find a bag of candy, so buy yourself some chocolate and enjoy days after the holiday.

Assorted Chocolates

A bit of a cop-out, just about every holiday has some type of assorted chocolate container being sold. From bags of single Hershey bars of various flavors for Halloween, or the traditional Valentine’s Day heart-shaped assorted chocolate box.

These are the best things to look for after the holidays because you get the best of both worlds; cost-effective chocolate and a variety if you like to shake things up.

The post-holiday candy rush is the best time for the thrifty shopper, so be sure to check your local stores — you never know what delicious treasures you may find for a good discount.