(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Tuesday, April 4, 2023, is voting day in Colorado Springs, with 12 Mayoral candidates, 11 At-Large City Council candidates, and a question involving the Trails, Open Space and Parks (TOPS) tax, on the ballot.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to navigate voting in Colorado Springs. Below you will find FOX21News.com’s Top Five election resources.

Voter guides

Many local news organizations compile information on the candidates before an election. Here is FOX21’s voter guide.

Voter guides are easy to search for the specific candidate or issues you want to learn about.

Candidate forums/debates

A great way to get to know candidates’ stances on various issues in your area is through the forums and debates that are hosted around election time.

Candidate forums and debates are videos of the candidates together talking about a variety of topics. Forums and debates are also opportunities for the audience to ask questions providing more insight into the candidates and their positions.

FOX21 News hosted a Mayoral Candidate forum for the April 2023 mayoral election which is linked above.

Ballot Information Booklet

In many Colorado elections with ballot issues, there is a booklet mailed to those living in the area with the various issues, what the impact will be, and the for and against arguments for the issue.

These guides offer an in-depth look at issues.

Many tax or money-related issues will have an analysis of their financial impact on the community with helpful graphs and tables to determine your individual impact when it comes to taxes and the costs of proposals.

City’s Website

Have questions about where to take your ballot or other voting options?

The City of Colorado Springs has easy to navigate website with links for voter registration, frequently asked questions about elections in Colorado, and tools to find your council district.

Colorado Springs’ website also lists information about each candidate, such as the candidate’s website and contact information.

The website is also where candidates’ financial disclosure information can be found.

Ballot tracking

After you have dropped off your ballot, how do you know your vote was counted?

Colorado has a system to track the status of your ballot from when it is received to when the ballot is counted. This system can give you peace of mind that your mail-in ballot was received and counted.

More information about ballot tracking can be found on the Colorado Secretary of State’s website.

FOX21 will cover the April 4 election in Colorado Springs and will have the results on our website. Our results page is also linked above.