(PUEBLO, Colo.) — As FOX21 News continues our coverage of all things Pueblo, we highlight local artists who live and work in the Steel City. 

Pueblo is known for its diverse population of around 113,000 people and with small-town vibes under big open skies, Pueblo can be a painter’s dream. 

The beauty and color of Pueblo continue to be captured by local artists, some of whom say they have traveled and painted elsewhere but they always come back. 

Annican Hickman is one of many Pueblo artists dedicated to the practice of on-location painting. 

“It gets me outside, is the short answer, it’s a challenge that is probably the better answer,” Hickman said. “I just find the light here to be what I look for everywhere else I go.”

With many overlooks, unique architecture, and beautiful sunsets in the city of Pueblo: “If you look at what’s within an hour’s drive of Pueblo, that’s a painter’s dream,” said Hickman. 

Creating a masterpiece is no easy task, and yet the experience artists have while painting on location seems to be the best part. 

“There’s interest out there, there’s your point of view, and nobody’s ever going to see your point of view if you don’t go out there and capture something,” Hickman said. 

And sharing the love for the place you live doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Two local artists are members of Steel City Artworks, and they say they enjoy painting with a buddy.

“I don’t know, there is just some spark there,” John Wooldridge said. “I was just focusing on the courthouse tower, I guess it turned out okay I suppose it’s something to work with later.”

Artists looking to make their mark in Pueblo – a city that offers diverse cultures, and you never know who you might run into.

“Painting sometimes for us is just a hike,” Hickman said. “It really means that we just go out, we have some coffee, we talk, maybe we did more talking than painting, and maybe some days we do more painting than talking.”

Doing what they love, these artists capture Pueblo’s beauty.

“I would love to paint every day, sometimes I have to take a break but it’s very cool to get to create something that you love, they’re all like children,” Wooldridge said. 

Both artists’ galleries are on display in Downtown Pueblo, and Steel City Artworks is always looking for more painters to join them on location.