(PUEBLO WEST, Colo.) — As ‘We Are Pueblo’ week continues, FOX21 Storm Team Chief Meteorologist Matt Meister is making his way across the City and Pueblo West, meeting characters along the way while showcasing local businesses and landmarks across town.

On Wednesday, Dec. 14, Matt took a trip to Liberty Point, which is just west of Pueblo, and met a friend along the way, June Charron, who has lived in Pueblo West for more than 30 years.

Charron told Matt that she had a very big harvest of green tomatoes this year, and gave Matt one of her famous jars of green tomato relish.

“I’ve been out here for 30 years, the same house, it’s marvelous. For the people who don’t know how big Pueblo West has gotten… if you look today, at how much is out there, you wouldn’t believe the growth. Come out and visit us, it’s beautiful out here,” said Charron.

Charron also reminisced to Matt about her husband of 58 years, who she just lost. Charron told Matt she watches FOX21 to smile and laugh every day.

“I like having somebody tell me a little joke once in a while that I can get a little giggle from… [FOX21] is on all day, it’s the only station I listen to down here… and this team just does it for me every day,” said Charron.

FOX21’s Craig Coffey also had a message for Charron and asked her live on air if she “would like to be an honorary Grandmother of the [FOX21 Morning] Show.” Charron responded, “I would love to be that!”

FOX21 Morning News will wrap up its week in Pueblo on Friday, Dec. 16, as the entire team will be hosting its live show at Brues Alehouse Brewing Company.