(PUEBLO, Colo.) — From a startup in a Volkswagen bus to a brick-and-mortar store in just a couple years, the Sacred Bean has made a name for itself in Pueblo with delicious lattes, stunning art, and a story of community support for one family’s dream.

During the pandemic, Victoria and Daniel Stone used their downtime to do just that – follow their dream of opening up a coffee shop. It began in a VW bus that they converted into a mobile coffee truck, after Victoria realized coffee was her passion.

“My first job was the Daily Grind right here in this building,” said Victoria of the location that now houses the Sacred Bean. “I started at 15, was here for 12 years… I realized that coffee was my passion, when I was managing here at the Daily Grind.”

And not just any coffee – Victoria curates stunning works of color and foam on the surface of every latte.

“I just got really interested in learning latte art because nobody in Pueblo had ever done latte art before,” she added. “I was at home with the kids and I had got, like, a little home espresso machine, and I watched a lot of videos, and then I started working with it at home.”

Latte art at the Sacred Bean: We Are Pueblo
Courtesy: FOX21 photojournalist Dez Rowe

Victoria said the business really got the kickstart it needed from stimulus checks, which inspired her to use those funds to convert Daniel’s van into the mobile coffee cart.

“I had been planning to do a mobile coffee – I was just going to do a basic food truck,” said Victoria. “And then we ended up getting the stimulus money and we were like, ‘Hey, let’s do this!’ But [Daniel] had the bus and he had the idea of putting the coffee shop in the bus.”

The coffee van was so successful, the Sacred Bean moved in to a permanent location at 209 South Union Avenue.

“We’ve had the most incredible response from our community because honestly, this place kind of just fell into our laps,” said Victoria. “You know, we had to scrape up as much as we could because we weren’t really ready for it. But I mean, how do you pass up that opportunity when it comes along? So we reached out to the community a lot for help.”

And it was the community’s support that really helped this local business thrive.

“The community has shown up for us in a way I never imagined,” Victoria said.

“Very humbling on how they took to us and, you know, just opened their arms and wanted us, you know, to succeed. And so, it was great,” Daniel agreed.

“The Daily Grind was my first home, you know, and this place was definitely a staple for the community for a very long time,” Victoria said. “I hope that we can not only live up to that, but also bring something more unique.”