(PUEBLO, Colo.) —Taffy’s has been in the Pueblo community for over 40 years, serving signature sweets like chocolate covered cinnamon bears, flavored popcorn, and ice cream.

“It’s been here for about 42 years now. My parents and my aunt and uncle bought it back in 1981 from the Corsentino family,” said Jeff Connors, whose family owns Taffy’s. “And it was called Sambo’s then, so it’s a candy store that opened in 1946. We’ve just continued on with the legacy, changed the name, and kept going.”

Connors has grown up with the candy shop and remembers coming with friends to pick out treats.

“It was always fun, my friends, they were always like ‘man your parents own a candy store let’s go down there,” said Connors. “So, my mom would load us up and we’d come down here.”

In the kitchen of Taffy’s, you can find family recipes that are used to bake delicious sweets for customers.

Inside the kitchen of Taffy’s is a collection of recipes used to bake treats.

With Christmas coming up, Taffy’s has many treats you can purchase including Santa chocolate pops, penguin-shaped nutterbutter, cinnamon Santa’s, and popcorn balls.

“Every holiday, we bring out something special for that holiday like this one. We have the Santa Sleighs and the Cinnamon Santas,” said Connors. “Popcorn balls is a big thing…with Christmas we sell 1500 popcorn balls.”

Chocolate sleighs for Santa are being assembled inside the kitchen.

Connors’ favorite piece of candy in the store is the chocolate turtles.

“Every once in a while. I walk by when he’s making… and I’ll grab one and sample,” said Connors. “Quality control.”

During the pandemic, Taffy’s remained in business, and Connors thanked the Pueblo community for their support during that tough time.

“It was very challenging. It was tough,” said Connors. “We limited customers in the door, there were a lot of lines outside. People stand in line, which meant a lot to us that Pueblo was still willing to support us, without them, we wouldn’t have made it.”

Taffy’s brings not just sweets to the Pueblo community, but also smiles.

“Nobody leaves here with a frown,” said Connors.

Chocolates decorated in fun designs for the holidays

Over the years, Taffy’s has continued to make life a little bit sweeter in the city of Pueblo.

“Just coming down to Pueblo, there’s so many different things Pueblo has to offer,” said Connors. “You can go grab lunch, come by here for dessert, grab some chocolate covered cinnamon bears, some ice cream, some popcorn.”

When looking to the future, Connors is ready to take on ownership of Taffy’s.

“It means a lot. I got some big shoes to fill. I mean, my parents have done so well with it that now I have to keep it going,” said Connors. “I got some big shoes to fill, but I’m up for the challenge.”