Fish census in Cheyenne Creek helps students learn


COLORADO SPRINGS — A hands on educational lesson for a group of students helped the conservation effort of a local creek.

Cheyenne Mountain Junior High students in southwest Colorado Springs have been working with the Cheyenne Creek Conservation Club for more than two decades in the annual fish census.

Under the guidance of Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials and their science teacher, students counted fish at the creek just south of the school.

Students have been measuring the 100-yard stretch of creek every October for the last 23 years to determine the health of the fish population and the overall health of Cheyenne Creek.

They usually find at least 20-30 fish, but last year there was a large scale die off of 200 trout in the spring and they only ended up counting half a dozen at a time.

The fish population have been dropping in recent years due to low flows and increased temperatures. In the last decade the species varieties discovered has gone from Brookies and Rainbow Trout down to only Brown Trout.

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