Colorado Springs artists unveil mural honoring Fannie Mae Duncan


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A group of local artists is paying tribute to a civil rights hero from right here in Colorado Springs.

Fannie Mae Duncan helped lead the area’s civil rights mission. She was also a philanthropist and an entrepreneur who owned the Cotton Club downtown.

Volunteer artists with the nonprofit Knob Hill Urban Arts District painted a mural of Duncan on a business near the intersection of Platte Avenue and Boulder Street. It took them about two weeks to finish.

Part of their mission is to change the Knob Hill area through art, and Fannie Mae’s perspective fits right into theirs.

“She was integral in destroying segregation, so we wanted to show tribute to her, because her motto was ‘everybody’s welcome,’ and here in the Knob, everybody’s welcome,” artist Muji said.

So far, the artists have painted more than 30 murals in the neighborhood. They are all volunteers running completely off donations. They welcome any other artists who want to join their cause.

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