COLORADO SPRINGS — Judge Greg Mathis is taking over Twitter as users share his unique ability to “smell” crackheads.

In a TikTok video shared by Mathis, the Detroit-area District Court judge asks a litigant whether she has ever smoked crack cocaine. The woman adamantly denies she has ever used the drug.

Litigant: I object

Mathis: You object to the room or you object to being the crackhead?

Litigant: To being the crackhead.

Mathis proceeds to tell the woman he does not think she still uses, but has used the drug in the past. Moments later, the truth is revealed.

Mathis: You used to be maybe?

Litigant: Never. Never.

Mathis: Maybe a little bit at a time?

Litigant: Never. Never.

Mathis: One rock?

Litigant: Never.

Mathis: Never have.

Litigant: …tried it one time.

Mathis: *shouts* I can smell it! The more I look at you the more you smell like crack!

Social media users are now taking to Twitter to share their reactions to the video. This is not the first time Mathis has shown off his crack cocaine-sensing skills. Other videos show clips of the judge sniffing out past and present users.

Judge Mathis” is in its 21st season.