WWII veteran celebrates 102nd birthday

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Monica Agnew-Kinnaman celebrated her 102nd birthday Tuesday.

As a World War II veteran, she celebrated with other veterans at the Western Omelette.

“I feel very much at home because we’ve all been through the same experiences to a certain extent of course. Most of them have been through much more than I,” Agnew-Kinnaman said.

Agnew-Kinnaman served in the British army, where she says her job was to shoot down German bombers.

“My doctors have told me over the years that I’m 20 years younger than my given age. So, I certainly don’t feel the age that I am,” Agnew-Kinnaman said.

Agnew-Kinnaman turned 102 years old.

“I prefer not to think about it,” Agnew-Kinnaman added.

So, what’s the secret to aging gracefully?

“I don’t know, it’s something out of your control. I have good genes, most of my family has lived a long time, and I take good care of myself. I exercise regularly and I’m careful, I don’t drink or smoke,”

For now, she’s hoping to take a trip out to Florida.

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