Would-be robber stopped cold by Barista Babe

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Babes Espresso off East Pikes Peak Avenue in Colorado Springs had a different kind of stir this week.

A man attempted to rob the coffee shop twice, according to police.

The first time was Wednesday night, the suspect parked his car and walked up to the window and grabbed cash through the hut’s window.

Police said the man came back a second time Friday morning around 5, but thanks to pictures from surveillance cameras, the morning barista babe was ready. She saw him driving up the street, and when he drove around, he already had the gun out.

Toddy, a barista babe said she moved fast, slamming the window shut and using a stick to lock it, not giving him a chance to say or do anything. She said he also tried the door in the back, but police were already on their way, and the man took off.

Employees said it’s not what they’re used to dealing with, “all of our customers are pretty nice we love ’em,” said Toddy a barista babe.

The coffee shop’s owner said he drove by the coffee shop again just about two hours later on Friday.

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