Will your kids have to make up snow days this year in Colorado Springs?

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COLORADO SPRINGS — With plenty of snow hitting southern Colorado this past school year, schools are making decisions on how to handle making up snow days.

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) said each school within a district must be scheduled for a minimum number of hours of planned teacher-pupil instruction and teacher-pupil contact during the school year. Those minimum hours are listed here.

The CDE recommends districts allow for more instructional hours than the minimum requirements in order to maximize flexibility in the event a scheduled student contact day is canceled or shortened for any reason.

Here is a list of where districts are as of February 5:

Harrison District 2 said as of now, they will not need to add days to the end of the year. A spokesperson said they have more time built in than what the Colorado Department of Education requires.

Widefield District 3 said as of now, they will not have to make up any snow days.

Fountain-Fort Carson District 8 said they will not be adding days to the end of their year – and purposely have a longer calendar year for that reason.

Colorado Springs District 11 said many of their schools will need to add additional time to the school year. They have begun to give their schools options – whether it’s retracting delayed starts, shortening lunch periods, or adding minutes to the beginning or end of the day. They will avoid going into summer.

Cheyenne Mountain District 12 said they are not currently considering adding days. They said they are on track so far and if they need to, they can reclaim five days that are flexible, such as staff only days.

Manitou Springs District 14 was unable to give FOX21 a response as of 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Academy District 20 said they are making up time and have already been doing so. A spokesperson for D20 says back in January they added 10 minutes to the daily schedule in order to finish the school year before June.

Lewis-Palmer District 38 said they have changed make-up days into regular school days. So far, April 10 and May 8 have been changed into a school day for all K-12 students.

Falcon District 49 said they are not anticipating needing to adjust the schedule due to snow days or delays.

FOX21 Storm Team Chief Meteorologist Matt Meister said we are currently above average for our total snowfall this season:

Meister said outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center for late winter and early spring don’t have any clear indication on above or below-average precipitation in Colorado, but do indicate a 1/3 chance we’ll be warmer than average along with the front range.

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