Wild Fire Tees: Raising money for Colorado wildfire relief

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COLORADO — Wild Fire Tees, a group of local businesses and designers are coming together once again to give back to those impacted by wildfires across the state by turning fashion into funding.

During the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires, a group of volunteers raised $500,000 for wildfire relief.

“We wanted to use our skills of design, marketing, understanding a non-profit work, that kind of thing to raise money for wildfire relief effort,” said Tucker Wannamaker, Executive Director for Wild Fire Tees

On Saturday, Wild Fire Tees posted to their Facebook page, saying they need the community’s support. Voicing that 100% of profits raised for their wildfire t-shirts go directly to Colorado wildfire relief.

The shirts are $22 each and are made by local designers, printers, and artists who are all volunteering their time to help our first responders and wildfire victims.

Wannamaker voiced, “Any hard costs that we have to have the entity working are taken out, but everything on top of that is going to help wildfire relief efforts.”

And Wild Fire Tees may have even more up their sleeve.

“This one, we just wanted to get launched right off the bat,” said Wannamaker. “We at least wanted to start with some of the existing designs and then let it go from there in terms of designs and potentially some hoodies.”

To disperse funds fairly and thoughtfully they will work, once again, with the Pikes Peak Community Foundation.

“We’re wanting to be just as diligent as last time with the same process, hence why we are working with the community foundation, and they are already working on connecting us with some places that have legitimacy, already have boots on the ground, and already know what’s going on, and we can go that direction,” according to Wannamaker.

To check them out, click here.

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