Many people in Southern Colorado experienced their first Snow Squall Warning on Monday morning! Snow squalls are not new, but the warnings are! This is the first season that the National Weather Service is issuing Snow Squall Warnings.

A snow squall is a sudden burst of wind and snow. These create low visibility, dangerous driving conditions and occur over very localized areas. They are not widespread events. If one is issued in your area check to see if it is nearby. If it’s heading your way just wait for it to pass before heading out in the car. If you’re stuck out in it, be safe! It can become a dangerous weather event if you are not cautious. Slow down if you are driving. If visibility is too low try to find a safe place to pull over and wait it out. Avoid driving off the road to wait it out. In times of low visibility drivers behind you may follow your tail lights. This can create accidents!