Weather Whys: How to measure snow

Weather Whys

Yes – there is a right way to measure snow! It’ll add a little extra time to the process but it will give you the most accurate measurement you can get without an at home weather station.

First, find a spot that is away from walls or fences and keep out of any areas that have drifted. Measure in a few places and then average the number. For example, if you measure in 3 places, 6″ in two spots and 4″ in the other you’ll add 6+6+4 for a total of 16 inches. Divide this number by 3 since you measured in three spots. 16/3=5.33″. You have 5.33″ in the area you measured in. This is a more accurate measurement than just 6″ or 4″ that you would have gotten if you just measured once.

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