“We are busy picking chile every day”: Pueblo farmers brace for upcoming winter storm

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PUEBLO — Southern Colorado farmers are bracing for Tuesday’s winter storm. 

“It’s very rare it comes this early, so you know, we always gotta keep that in mind, but we are picking as much Chile as we can today,” said Dalton Milberger, co-owner of Milberger farms. 

Pueblo farmers say right now, their main focus is chile as they prep for the Pueblo Chile and Frijoles Festival later this month. 

“Today and yesterday ever since we got the news, we’ve been filing our coolers, so that way we do have Chile that will last us for at least two to three weeks,” said Sara Genova, manager of DiSanti Farms. 

And they’re staying positive, ensuring they’ll have enough chile and pumpkins. 

“we are busy picking chile everyday, all day,” Milberger said. 

“At least in my lifetime, I don’t remember ever preparing like we are now for the possibility of freeze this early. But we are being really optimistic and hopeful that if it does freeze, it doesn’t stay there cold enough, long enough to hurt anything. And it takes a really hard to freeze to where it has to stay there for a long period of time to actually hurt the crops,” Genova said. 

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