Voter turnout: Thousands turn in ballots ahead of Election Day

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COLORADO SPRINGS — It’s election day in Colorado and voters have been rolling through drop-off boxes with their ballots.

According to the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s office, 413,000 ballots were sent out.

As of Tuesday morning, more than 130,000 ballots have been turned in.

“With Colorado being an all-mail ballot state, I think people are getting more and more comfortable with voting early once they’ve had time to look over ballot issues, questions, do their research and then make their decisions,” said Kristi Ridlen, public information officer for El Paso County Clerk and Recorder.

The county is projecting to receive between 160,000 to 165,000 ballots back, putting the county at a 42-percent voter return rate for the 2019 Coordinated Election.

“We are seeing people return their ballots early, which is fantastic, that way we can get results out to citizens early during the election night reporting,” Ridlen said.

While it’s too late to mail in your ballot, voters have until 7 p.m. Tuesday night to turn them into ballot drop-off boxes.

“We realize you know, your vote is your vote, and we want every voice to be heard,” Ridlen said. “One of the biggest mistakes we see in any election, not just with this election, is individuals and citizen forgetting to sign the back of their ballot envelope. If somebody does forget to sign the back of their envelope, they will receive from our office asking them, ‘did you vote this ballot? If so, mark ‘yes’ and please sign this letter and return it to our office by eight days after the election.'”

If a ballot needs to be cured, voters will have until the end of business day November 13.

“The number of ballots that we have that need to be cured, and that’s something that has a signature discrepancy or ID requirement, is a very, very small amount. It’s less than half of a percent for this election right now. So, it’s very, very minimal,” Ridlen said.

Click here for a full list and map of all ballot drop-off locations in southern Colorado.

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