‘Unaccompanied’ veteran brings in hundreds as he is laid to rest

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Retired Staff Sergeant Clyde Baldwin didn’t personally leave behind any pictures. Just memories he will take his to grave.

Baldwin was an unaccompanied veteran, meaning no family or friends were able to attend his funeral.

“We show up to show our respect to every veteran when we’re invited. We do not just show up. We have to actually be invited by the family or the funeral home in this particular case,” said Robert Aholt, southern Colorado assistance state captain for the Patriot Guard Riders.

The Patriot Guard Riders made sure Baldwin wouldn’t be laid to rest alone.

“If it wasn’t for their past service, we wouldn’t have our freedoms we have today,” Aholt said.

Even with the snow falling, hundreds from the Colorado Springs community paid their respects for Baldwin at Pikes Peak National Cemetery Friday morning.

“Weather conditions the way they were with people parked all the way out to Drennan and having to actually walk into the cemetery. It’s impressive to see that much support from the community,” Aholt said.

Baldin never married and never had any children.

His older sister wasn’t able to make it in from Oklahoma, but it seems he’s found a different kind of family.

“Well, this is a pretty military town and a lot of the people that I had talked to were actually veterans themselves. They’re all one big family,” Aholt said.

Baldwin was 91 years old.

He served in the U.S Air Force from 1950 to 1970.

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