Trouble-free trick-or-treating: keeping kids safe

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Kids are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween, according to Children’s Hospital Colorado, Colorado Springs.

Here are some tips to help keep your kids safe and warm while they trick-or-treat.

“It’s important that children have either bright costumes, reflective tape on there, which you can actually buy at hardware stores. Or even glow sticks that are activated, which can come in glowstick necklaces, or glowstick bracelets,” said Amanda Abramczyk-Thill, injury prevention coordinator for Children’s Hospital Colorado, Colorado Springs.

Also, travel in groups if you can, and always cross at a crosswalk.

“Anyone who is going to hand out candy this year and support the great tradition of Halloween should really put their porch lights on to show that they are available and accessible for candy. They should pick up anything in their yard that can be a tripping hazard. That can avoid falls in children that are excited, running across their lawns. That can include garden hoses, sprinkler systems or anything debris or things that are in their lawn,” Abramczyk-Thill said

This Halloween season in Colorado Springs is going to be a cold one!

Make sure your kids’ costumes are adjusted to include proper footwear, gloves, hats, and coats.

“If a child has a coat, consider not putting them in the coat while they’re in the car seat. Adjusting the straps and then putting the coat on them backwards with their arms through the armholes, that will help keep them warm while still keeping them safe, and allowing the car seat to really protect them the way it was meant to,” Abramczyk-Thill said.

And once they’re done trick-or-treating, watch for any small candy that can create a choking hazard.

For CPR and first-aid training courses, contact the YMCA or the American Heart Association.

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