TikTok fame for new, self-cleaning bathrooms in Old Colorado City park

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Bancroft Park is now home to new high tech restrooms, even reaching TikTok fame with millions of views. 

You could say it’s flushing out the competition. 

The restrooms are complete with a short greeting when you walk in, and music. 

“I was shocked. It was very different, I felt like I was in the future,” said Kamlynn Poteet, who tried out the restroom. 

The City of Colorado Springs says plans for a Bancroft Park renovations were made after a bandshell fire in 2017. 

According to the city, total park revamp costs were nearly $750,000. 

$301,000 of that went to this self-cleaning restroom. 

“Unfortunately, we have some vandalism in our parks in the restrooms. This has a lot of timers on it that allow for locking the restrooms after hours. It has features in there where people aren’t staying in there longer than necessary, hence the seven-minute timer. After seven minutes, there will be an alarm that goes off. There’s a warning and then there’s an alarm,” said Steve Bodette, capital projects coordinator for the City of Colorado Springs 

It also features automatic soap, water, and toilet paper dispensers; about six to 10 squares at a time.

“It was really nice. I liked how the toilet would not flush until you washed your hands,” said nine-year-old Lucas Crombie, who was at the park with his mother. 

“It was wonderful actually. It played music, it was very clean. I didn’t really have to touch anything, just a wave of my hand. And it was very clean and pretty inside,” Poteet said. 

The city says this high tech restroom will save money in the long run. 

“We’re hoping that it saves the crews time in having to go over and clean the restrooms because they do clean themselves. You know, also the toilet paper dispenser, a good feature. People aren’t you know, pulling a lot extra toilet paper off the rolls. Also, you know, there’s the hand washing and the soap dispensers in there. So, it saves on product that we use,” Bodette said. 

But does this beat out the porta potty?

“A way plus 10, a hundred comparatively. Yes, absolutely,” Poteet said. 

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