The wheels on the bus make dreams come true for Colorado Springs kindergartner

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Like many kids, six-year-old Cameron Voss misses his friends and going to school.  

“I know how to ride my bike to school because it’s my favorite thing to do. And my mom and dad don’t do that anymore because coronavirus and some people are dead by it and so, we’re trying our best to stay away from people,” Cameron said. 

“He’s an extrovert and loves people, so this has been, I think a little extra hard on him as it some of those kids that are like that as well,” said Deanna Voss, Cameron’s mother. 

Friday, kindergarteners from Banning Lewis Ranch Academy celebrated their move to first grade with a drive-thru graduation. 

It was a big change due to the coronvirus pandemic.

“I might be driving the dump truck and my mom will drive through new car,” Cameron said.  

But his mom had other plans.

“He’s always since preschool, probably three years old, talked about when he gets to go to kindergarten he gets to ride a school bus. I never had the heart to tell him, ‘well, we live five blocks from the school, so that’s not going to happen,'” Deanna said. 

She had the locally-owned Locomotive Party Bus surprise him, making his dream of riding the bus to school come true.

“I didn’t ride in a bus for my whole entire life,” Cameron said. 

And teachers at the school were also surprised.

“And then people are going to say like, ‘good job!'” Cameron said. 

It was a big celebration from a safe distance. 

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