The show must go online: Colorado Springs concert choir

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COLORADO SPRINGS — Liberty High School’s Chamber Singers choir class is putting on performances virtually.

“I created the conductor video first. I took a recording of the song that I really liked, I added a click track, a metronome over the top of it and then I did a video of myself conducting over the top as well. And then that’s what I send out to the kids,” said A. J. Wulf, director of choral music for Liberty High School.

The class now has one recording of them performing as a team. 

“The way that we kind of learned the video is we watched another choir do it and we kind of saw the interactions between the people in that video. So, while they’re in person and we’re kind of online, separate in our own homes, it was cool to get to see how everyone felt throughout the whole piece,” said Camden Sharkey, a sophomore at Liberty High School. 

Wulf says putting one video together takes a lot of time.

“I didn’t keep track, but I’d guess it’s between 20 and 24 hours of work on my end to make the one video that you saw. There was a lot of learning curves that went along with it. Students submitting videos where I didn’t have enough audio to work with, and so I had them to retakes. Students submitting videos in file formats that I couldn’t work with on my computer, and so learning how to then convert those,” Wulf said. 

But he says it’s time well spent.

“Art can go on regardless of any of the other circumstance in the world, you just have to work a little harder to make it happen sometimes,” Wulf said. 

“It’s kind of awkward, singing in your own house. I have to go to my car because I have people in my house. And it’s just awkward to sing in front of everyone,” said Jacqueline Pfeil, a senior at Liberty High School.

Once it’s done, Wulf and his students say it’s rewarding. 

“It’s a kind of togetherness that you don’t get from any other sort of activity. It’d kind of a common purpose that’s really hard to find anywhere else. It’s just like the best kind of family reunion every day they come into class. And I’m sure there are a lot of my extroverted, my socially dependent kids who are really missing that interaction,” Wulf said. 

Wulf hopes to have a full virtual concert complete by the end of May.

Click here to watch the full performance of Unclouded Day.

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