The haze is here, tips on what you can do to keep yourself safe

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COLORADO SPRINGS — We continue to see hazy skies across southern Colorado due to the fires burning in state which is impacting our air quality.

“We are seeing, of course, a lot of smoke from the fires that are burning off to our west and those burning in northern Colorado and that can actually have not only impact on the air quality but also on the creation of some more clouds and even thunderstorms,” Emily Roehler, FOX21 Storm Team meteorologist said.

Dr. Robin Johnson, Medical Director with El Paso County Public Health, says anytime there’s a fire, there’s the question of air quality. 

“When you start to change the air quality based on, particularly smoke which is what we’re talking about with the fires, we change not only what is the potential percent of oxygen, but we also begin to see that there is an increase in other components to the air,” Dr. Johnson said.

This is especially true for those with heart disease, respiratory illnesses like asthma, young children, and the elderly.

“We may see you start to experience a little eye, and nose, throat irritation, or a little cough, or sore throat, according to Dr. Johnson. “Some trouble breathing might actually even accommodate that, and so if you start to see any of these kinds of symptoms, then what you really need to do is move indoors and relocate from where that bad air may be.”

Apart from just avoiding being outside, Doctor Johnson also recommends putting in HEPA filters, staying well hydrated, lots of fluids, and paying attention to activity levels during those days to minimize how much of that air we breathe in. 

It’s also important to note, according to Public Health, when there’s a lot of smoke in the air, it can cause a lot of people to have symptoms like coughing, watery eyes, and sore throat.

“It’s really important for even those who are very healthy to pay attention to the air quality and then make adjustments that are good health decisions in the midst of that, Dr. Johnson added.

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