COLORADO SPRINGS — Local nonprofit, TESSA, wants to remind people their services are still available during the coronavirus crisis.

In fact, TESSA is reporting more calls.

“We were prepared to be seeing an uptick because we do know that these individuals that we do work with, on a daily basis, they’re experiencing stressors in their lives. But the stressors that we’re having in dealing with this pandemic right now, only exasperate that underlying domestic violence that might be in a relationship,” said Anne Markley, interim CEO of TESSA.

TESSA works to help those experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and human trafficking.

With the stay-at-home order extended in Colorado, they’re expecting the volume of calls to continue to rise.

“If there’s underlying DV in a relationship already, there’s already stress in the relationship. And so then, we’re looking at things like we’re having to be isolated at home with a partner who might already be exercising isolation as a form on control over us. Well, now we’re being further isolated with that individual at home. We aren’t able to go out, we might be experiencing a loss of a job. The individual or their partner is the unknown to those types of things. Having children at home who now you’re also having to homeschool. All of those things can be added stressors,”

While their walk-in services are now offered remotely, TESSA can still help with advocacy, safe planning, housing support, and more.

“If you know someone that’s in a situation, continue to be making contact with them. Texting, calling, checking in on them. Just because we’re socially isolated at home doesn’t mean we stilll can’t be connecting in other ways to be checking in on those people that we care about,”

Those in need of help can contact TESSA’s safe line at (719) 633-3819 or use their online chat on their website. Adults and youth ages 15-18 can also chat with an advocate.

Here is a list of advocates available Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. They can be reached at:
720-924-1463, 720-432-8856, 720-445-5897, 719-357-9543, 720-900-1297, 720-549-0972, 312-880-9213.