Tee Time: Flying Horse North touts new course, opens to members Friday

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COLORADO SPRINGS — It’s tee time at Colorado Springs’ newest golf course, and each round provides players with a unique view of the area.

“The first four holes play in the Black Forest which you see over my shoulder. The next six holes play out in the prairie, and then you enter back in the Black Forest on hole number 11. And from hole number 11 all the way in, we play back into Black Forest,” said Phil Smith, Golf Course Architect with Phil Smith Design. 

Flying Horse North opens to members Friday, offering a whole different landscape from Flying Horse’s original course. 

“They have square tees there, we have free form round tees. Their greens have a little bit more ledges in them, so I did more freeform. These greens here are more like looking like a potato chip where they kind of move around the shed and are kind of nice in the middle. And then bunkering, it’s a different bunker style where those have long lines, we have more of the jagged, natural look here,” Smith said. 

At Flying Horse North, Mother Nature provides the strategy. 

“The bunkering, the angle of the green, the contouring on the green. All those different elements that play into shot values and letting you make an informed decision before you play each shot,” Smith said. 

Officials with Flying Horse Country Club say planning for this golf course started in 2012, but five years passed before they broke ground.

Now, the course is up to par and ready for golfers, despite the pandemic.

“With this COVID outbreak, it’s been actually really good for golf because it’s even introducing golf to a younger generation of kids that, they’re getting tired of sitting at home playing their video games or being on Zoom calls. They want to get outside, so golf is the one thing you can do. It’s nice, you don’t have to get near anybody, you can play your game and still have your foursome and still be safe,” Smith said. 

So, get ready to enjoy the greens and extra challenges. 

“I designed an 18-hole championship golf course, and then I have one small par 3 hole at the end of the round. It’s just a fun hole, so if your march is tied at the end of the day and you guys want to settle a bet, or you just want to have fun and maybe start another bet, it’s a small little par 3 that plays its way back to the clubhouse,” Smith said. 

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